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Maintenance of Athens watch straps

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       Any part of the watch is indispensable, and any damage to the same part may affect the use of the watch. After all, a watch is an ornament that symbolizes identity, status, and enhances the image. Its appearance is very important to our image, so it is necessary for us to maintain the appearance of the watch. Below is a brief introduction to the maintenance of watch straps at the Beijing Athens Repair Center.

       The common watchbands are mainly steel watchbands and leather watchbands. The watchbands that do not use materials have different maintenance methods.

       One, steel strap

       1. Regularly check the pins and spring bolts between the strap sections and between the shell straps to prevent leakage or wear. Frequent ones must be repaired or replaced in time. The discounted part of the strap is most likely to cause problems. , This is also related to wearing in peacetime, the action should be gentle when opening and closing.

       2. Watches with gold-plated case and strap are recommended to be worn only in summer or change the belt in winter.

       3, the tungsten steel watchband should be protected from impact and excessive tension and torque.

Maintenance of Athens watch straps

       Wearing and maintenance suggestions: Keep away from corrosive liquids when you wear metal watches daily; once you find that the link and function of the strap section and the buckle are abnormal, in order to prevent the strap from falling off and causing damage or loss, please go to the service center for inspection and testing. service.

       Two, leather strap

       1. Like other leather things, the most taboo thing about leather watchbands is water. If they are immersed in water for a long time, the leather watchbands will become hard and brittle immediately, including human sweat. Therefore, it is absolutely not allowed to go swimming (or do long-term exposure to water) wearing a watch with a leather strap. Long-term sweat soaking can also make the strap mildew.

       If you are a person who loves to sweat, it is not suitable to wear a leather strap. Except in the hot season, it is more suitable to wear leather straps. Therefore, many people have two metal and leather straps. They are suitable for leather straps in cool weather, and metal straps in summer.

       2. Long-term strong sunlight will decolor the surface of the leather strap and accelerate the aging of the leather.

       3. Certain chemical reagents can also discolor or decolor the surface of the strap.

       4. Pulling too hard during wearing may also cause cracks in the place where the watchband is often fixed. The greater the bending rate of the watchband, the easier it is to break. Therefore, the watchband should be worn carefully and gently.

       The above about the maintenance method of the watch strap, I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want a watch to accompany you for a long time, every part of it needs to be properly maintained. If your watch needs maintenance, or there is a problem with it, you can always contact the Beijing Athens after-sales service center. We will serve you wholeheartedly and welcome your consultation!


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