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       When people have a long-awaited object, they are often elated in the invisible, or show off everywhere, or put it down, in short, the mood is extremely happy. Significant watches are the objects people dream of. But watches are not extraordinary things, they need to be carefully cherished daily. If used improperly, it is easy to cause damage to the watch. For example, the second hand of the watch doesn't go away. What's the matter? The following Beijing Athens Repair Center will tell you about it.

       We know that mechanical watches are divided into automatic mechanical watches and manual mechanical watches. The former is to walk on the chain, that is, to walk around with the watch, relying on the swing of the arm to wind automatically, while the latter needs to be wound manually, wind up the clockwork, and drive the gears to push the hands to move the time.

       There are four reasons why the hands don’t move:

       1. Insufficient kinetic energy of the watch

       The kinetic energy of the watch is insufficient. We can replenish the kinetic energy of the watch by manually winding the clockwork. In addition to wearing the watch and waving the arm for activities, the fully automatic mechanical watch can also swing the watch horizontally for about 10 minutes to restore the normal time. Of course, you can also manually wind the full string to restore the watch's time.


       2. The internal parts of the watch movement are damaged, falling off, etc.

       In daily life, the watch will inevitably encounter bumps and shocks, which may cause damage to the movement or the parts falling off. In this case, it is necessary to pull out the crown in time to stop the watch from working to prevent damage to more parts. The movement of the watch with the crown pulled out is very susceptible to dust infection, so it needs to be sent to a professional repairer as soon as possible.

       3. The second hand of the watch is loose

       How to judge that the second hand is loose? You can gently shake the watch left and right to see if the second hand is swinging. If the second hand is swinging, it means that the second hand is loose or even falling off. It needs to be repaired by a professional watch repair organization.

       4. The sludge dries out when the watch is left for a long time, causing friction and damage between the wheel trains

       Over time, the sludge will dry up, causing the watch to stop. This requires us to maintain the watch regularly, especially for valuable collections, and pay more attention to maintenance.

       In short, when the second hand of your watch does not move, it is best to send the watch to the Beijing Athens Maintenance Center for a professional watch technician to check and determine the cause, and take targeted measures to restore the watch to normal time.


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