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       Each watch is endowed with a noble concept, excellent precision, hand-polished, and presents the beauty of luxury. Athens watches show a classic atmosphere. In order to ensure that your watch can run normally and prolong its service life, the following Beijing Athens Let's learn about the maintenance knowledge of Athens watches together at the repair center!

       1. Even if you have not worn an Athens watch for a period of time, you should wind your mechanical watch at least once a month (automatic or manual). For manually wound Athens watches, please rotate the crown until it stops, without having to pull it out forcibly. For self-winding Athens watches, it is recommended to rotate at least 30 revolutions. This helps keep moving parts well lubricated. Conventional winding Even if you have not worn an Athens watch for a period of time, you should wind a mechanical watch (automatic or manual) at least once a month. For manually wound watches, please rotate the crown until it stops, instead of forcibly pulling it out. For self-winding watches, at least 30 rotations are recommended. This helps keep moving parts well lubricated.


       2. Avoid correcting the date, month or lunar calendar in the afternoon or evening. Likewise, please avoid operating the annual or perpetual calendar outside the time range recommended in the Athens Watch Manual. Before swimming with the Athens waterproof watch, please check whether the crown and buttons are fully tightened. The crown and push rod immersed in water should also not be activated. After swimming in salt water, rinse the watch with fresh water. Cleaning the Athens waterproof watch Regularly clean the watch and its metal bracelet with warm water, rinse with clean water, and then dry it with a soft cloth. Avoid all contact with corrosive substances (acids, perfumes, carbonated drinks, etc.) because they may damage the waterproof seal.

       3. Make sure that your Athens watch is correctly worn on your wrist. This can improve the efficiency of the winding system and avoid premature wear of the metal strap links. Avoid wearing several watches or jewelry on the same wrist, as doing so may scratch the watch and metal bracelet.

       4. In daily use, it is often affected by magnetic fields, which may slow down the running speed of the clock, too fast or even stop. If necessary, a simple demagnetization process can be performed by a professional Athens after-sales service technician before the reset time.

       5. The belt should not be immersed in water, because water will wear the belt faster, which is not suitable for rubber or metal belts.

       Heartwarming Tips: If you are interested in knowing more about watch maintenance, you can send it to the Beijing Athens Repair Service Center as soon as possible. Professional and technical personnel will provide you with quality services. Welcome!


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