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       The classic shape and superb skills have attracted the attention of many watch fans. Athens watches are very popular in the market. They can always design impressive works. The unique appearance has won the love of many watch lovers. Simple The appearance of wear and tear also requires a lot of costs. If the internal movement is damaged, the repair will be more expensive. Below, the Beijing Athens Repair Center will show you the maintenance methods of Athens watches!

       1. If you don't wear the Ulysse Nardin watch for a long time, remember to wind it regularly once a month. The automatic movement Ulysse Nardin watch should gently swing back and forth for a few minutes, or wear it on your wrist for a period of time to wind up automatically.

       2. After buying an Athens watch, do not throw away the watch packaging box. Watches that do not usually wear the Athens watch can be stored in the original packaging box, which can provide better protection for the Athens watch and avoid falling injuries due to improper storage. Or collision, reducing the possibility of accidentally hurting the Athens watch.


       3. The sweat of the hands has a corrosive effect on the case of the Athens watch. If it is an Athens watch with an all-steel case, it will contain nickel-chromium alloy, which has better corrosion resistance. If the half-steel case of the Athens watch is copper , Athens watch is soaked in sweat for a long time and is more prone to corrosion, so remember to wipe off the sweat with a soft cloth when you go home after sweating, and then air dry.

       4. Do not open the back cover of the Athens watch. It is easy for dust to enter the Athens watch. Do not put the Athens watch in a closet with mothballs to avoid deterioration of the oil in the movement. Do not store it near the computer or host. , Audio, so as to avoid magnetization.

       5. Don’t wear an Athens watch every day. The best way to maintain it is to have a few different watches for different occasions, and you can also enrich your style. Also, sweat and body scale will not accumulate. On the Athens watch, the Athens watch looks very good, but it is also a good experience to match with it, so that the watch will not get old quickly.

        Heartwarming Tips: If you want to repair or maintain your watch, you can contact Beijing Athens Repair Center at any time, you can go to the store for detailed consultation, and welcome your visit!


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